Monday, December 27, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

55 Firewall

The firewall on this thing is starting to take some shape. I'm ready for it to go home. It's been a year since I started on it, and I think I replaced everything but the roof? Seriously...

Spring 1963

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey man, Are you holding?

Murano Pearl and Diamond Dust. FUUUUUUCK, I need something to spray.

Aiding and abetting...

Recently finished up two "mini-tub" jobs almost back to back. Not exactly the stuff I wanna do, but still kind of fun. Besides, Ya gotta eat somehow. One is a 63 Studebaker Lark tubbed 3 inches, and the other is a 64 Dodge Dart done about 2 and 3/4.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tranny Slumber Party...


Here is Barney. Il Gimmi's 53. Transplant from Florida (If you didn't notice the E.C. styling oozing off of it) yuck. About a month ago we went out to the junkyard armed with a generator and a sawzall and quartered the last Chevy they had. Nice clean desert parts. His old quarters had been patched like 8 times or something. So new quarters, a c notch, and an early 60's makeover, and in time to drive it to Ventura for Primers. Already had a headstart with welding and peaking the hood. Lot's to do...

DJ's Shovel

So DJ wanted some help doing a Frisco tank for his knuckle project. After a little persuasion we narrowed it and wedged it too. He's hoping it'll be done for Ventura, so we may be hauling it out in Balls Deep! Christian at Infernal combustion is building the bike. Check out his blog.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vista Cruiser Roof.

Picked this guy up in N. AZ for 100 bux about a month ago. Been to busy to fool with it, but when you have limited space, and a roof is taking up the space of a car, well you find time...
DJ and Jimmy came down to help get it on the van. Got the roof cut, and the new top located and secured in place. Still have a ton of work to do to finish it, but it's a hell of a start.

Articles of Faith...

So about a year ago I decided to stop working for other people to carve my own path. I just got tired of building lame shit for lame people. I've been doing custom metal work for about 8 years, which when put in the hands of the vision-less, equates to rust repair and street-roddery. The last year has been a crazy struggle just to make ends meet. It has also put me in the position I am in now. Where I am around some good people and some cool shit is about to pop off. I think the next year is gonna prove interesting, and just wanted a place to document the builds and share them with my people.

Hope you can dig it...